Discontinued Perfumes

Many people love to buy discontinued perfumes because it makes them feel good knowing that they have a scent that is precious to them and perfect for special occasions.

It can also be a very elegant trait to be known as the woman who wears designer perfumes, vintage, antique, discontinued or hard to find perfumes for sale. This can really increase a woman’s confidence and make them feel proud that they went that extra mile to find the scent no one else could. For many of these people, that long lost scent could  also remind them of happier times. I want to do my best in helping these people on their quest. So let me start with a sure fire way to get hold of that ever so elusive discontinued fragrance.

discontinued perfumesTry Looking for Discontinued Perfume Oils

Some  people have reported better success when they searched for the specific fragrance oils used to make the perfume.  This is one of the best ways to reproduce that scent you love so much. Although some fragrance oils can be hard to find, for the most part you will acquire what you seek without too much trouble. You just look for the discontinued perfume oils used in the perfume recipe and you will get an almost exact match on the smell. In just one day I was able to find great women’s perfume like benefit perfume, youth dew perfume, cinnabar perfume, kai perfume, and even some creed perfume!

The best part about this is that you will save so much more money by just looking for the oils used in the perfume. This is my little money saving technique which is sure to help you out tremendously during this economy. Who doesn’t love discount perfume? Some of the name brand perfumes can get kinda expensive though so be careful not to splurge.

Buying discontinued fragrances for women doesn’t have to break the bank if you look for discount perfumes. Times are tough though so try to find the fragrance oils before you go out and buy perfume. They are incredibly easy to mix and you might find yourself having more fun then you thought you would.  For this reason alone you will find many people who would rather get the oils than spend all that money at a department store. All you have to do to find the fragrance Oils used in the perfume of your choice is to search online. There are countless websites with this information all you have to do is type it into one of the major search engines and  the rest should be easy. The other day I bought some to make a discontinued channel perfume.

It is very possible to reproduce perfumes these days, just be sure to write down the name of the oils used in your favorite vintage perfume and keep it with you when you head out to shop. Ask the employees if they have any ingredients of the perfume and they should be able to find them no problem. What’s also great about buying the fragrance oils is that they last longer then a spray perfume. It’s stays on your skin longer even if you decide to take a  shower.  For these reasons you should avoid getting any on your clothes or your eyes at all costs.

Search Your Local Perfume Store

Some people get lucky and find these perfumes at their local retailers. It’s not a guaranteed shot but how hard is it to ask the clerk if they have any in stock. Most of the time they will go behind the counter and find something very special for you. These places tend to want to keep these perfumes for themselves, however, they will easily part with a bottle for the right customer and the right price. Don’t ever let them take advantage of the situation and make you pay more than you should for it. Just have patience and put on a happy face and it should be easy. You can also try this at other places including yard sales, flea markets, fragrance outlets,  thrift stores,  department stores,  liquidation centers and more.

Find  Old Perfumes On The Web

If you want to know where to find discontinued perfume for sale then check out Ebay or Amazon. These sites are great for finding out how much they are worth. Just use their search function to type in the name of your fragrance or manufacturer and up comes a list of perfumes no longer in production. You will have to place a bid and hope you win the auction. These can range anywhere from $20 to $500 plus! That may seem like a very high price but people are willing to pay that for high end designer perfumes. You can also look for discount perfume if you are short on cash. They have many different people on there that are willing to part with perfumes at low prices.  You get what you pay for but these still smell very good. If you want my personal recommendation you can try OPerfumes, FragranceNet or Sephora. They have been the best suppliers for years and I can always count on them for fast and excellent service.

If these methods don’t work why not try searching around on Amazon? You will find tons of different fragrances for sale. Be sure to look at all the listings though because some will have them for a cheaper price. You want to get a good deal so look around and don’t be afraid to spend a bit of time comparing prices. That is the best part of buying perfume online, you can take your time choosing the right one. Remember like all things in life, it’s not about how hard you work but how smart you work. So go out and use these tips for yourself and you will see much better results.